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Welcome to gnowledge lab!

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Gnowledge lab is physically located in Mumbai in India. It is a research and development laboratory of Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India.  The lab's focus is on structure and dynamics of knowledge networks.  We develop, design and distribute software and share our research and developed material to the rest of the world.   All the software and the documents are released under suitable copyleft licenses for reuse and global participation.

Training Workshops for Free Software for Education

Gnowledge lab conducts workshops for teachers and school lab support staff on using GNU/Linux operating system, and several excellent software tools for learning and teaching science and mathematics.  Though our focus is on science and mathematics, we also provide support for other subjects and general computer literacy.  By using the "events" tab you will get an idea of which workshops have already been conducted, when and where? If you want us to conduct a workshop, please write to us at lab AT gnowledge DOT org.

 geogebra workshop at IESies

Knowledge Networking Portal

A collaborative portal to produce a surface map of knowledge using dependency relation, publish all shareable ontologies, topics, concepts and display the links among them as a network.

Emerging Teaching/Learning Sequences

major expected and useful outcome of the dependency network.

A community portal for studio based learning



GNOWSYS is a specification for a generic distributed network based memory/knowledge management. Typically computer memory is managed as a tree, or as nested arrays. Our attempt in this project is to represent all forms of declarative and procedural knowledge as a network, and then develop network processing methods to manage the knowledge. Considering the difficulty and complexity of the task, we will try to solve one tangible problem at a time, and let the project evolve naturally in all its complexity.   Read more ...


gnowsys-mode is a major mode of Emacs to create and update knowledge networks using GNOWSYS.   Read more ...


Gnome-gnowser is a graphical user interface to create and update knowledge networks using GNOWSYS.   Read mode ...


 SELF Platform

The lab develops and maintains the SELF  Platform, a teacher-centric collaborative portal for authoring courses for delivering and publishing by both electronic and traditional means.


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